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Starting A Team

Many things must come together to get a new IEA team off the ground. Having a group of interested riders is of course, the first step. Once you're ready to get going, you must have the following:

1. Host Barn and Coach: Every team must have an IEA member Coach with access to enough lesson horses to support your team practices and shows.

2. School/Administration Support: You will need the approval and support of your school. Most teams are technically considered "clubs" rather than "sports teams". As a result, many teams start off working through the school Principal or Dean rather than through the Athletic Director. Feel free to contact a Zone 4 representative for more information or help in contacting your school. Note that IEA teams do not need to be affilfiated with a school, but it is encouraged.

3. Membership Applications: Once you have the riders, coach, and school support, you must submit a membership packet to the IEA. Click this link for instructions from the national IEA website. The membership packet will include:

  • Team application and dues
  • Individual rider applications, waivers, and dues (minimum of 3 riders to start the team)
  • Coach application, waiver, proof of insurance, and dues
  • For returning teams, a show application to host one show or co-host two shows throughout the year
  • Remember that your membership applications must be received at least 14 days before the opening date for entries of your first competition. Also, the deadline to start a new team is November 15th. The best time to get started is over the summer so your team is ready to go at the start of the season in September.

    Rules and Regulations

    IEA Rules and Regulations - the complete set of 2010-2011 IEA rules, in a final, easy-to-read format.

    Rules and Regulations
    Microsoft Word Format

    2010-2011 IEA
    Rule Change Highlights

    IEA Rules and Regulations (Change Highlight Version) - a complete set of 2009-2010 IEA rules, with all new and changed language highlighted and changes clearly marked.

    IEA Rules and Regulations
    (Highlighted Changes Version)



    Hosting A Show

    First year teams are not required to host a show.

    Second year teams must host one or co-host two shows.
    - It takes a minimum of 60 days to plan your show and many teams start 3 to 4 months in advance.

    IEA's Guide To Hosting A Show

    IEA Show Host Application 2010-2011

    IEA Generic Prize List 2009-2010 with Entry

    Official Judge's Score Card

    Sample Horse Description List

    Sample Horse Grid

    Sample Show Budget

    IEA Show Insurance Application

    Cover Your Hoof Print Form

    IEA Show Add Scratch Form

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